Vintage Black forest


Enjoy the extraordinary taste of the Vintage Black forest cake, we bake it with love for your loved one to celebrate their wonderful moment. Spoil your guests with solemn and exquisite Vintage Black forest cakes, and take your celebration to a whole new level with cakes from French Bread India.

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The darkish brown clusters coming out are the attention stealers in our Vintage Black forest cakes. The creamy blackforest swirly with the creamy cake is appealing in its very own traditional way. This cake will make you land at the reminiscence lane of a faculty lunch container full of bread layered with black wooded area flavours. This cake is a real instance of affection filled with flavor and design. The flavor of black wooded area and the clean whipped cream of black wooded area is a tasty deal for your taste buds. French Bread India is the best online portal to deliver cakes at your door-steps  in India.


Vintage Black forest
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