Deluxe Red Velvet Cake


Enjoy the extraordinary delicious taste of Red Velvet Cakes. We bake it for your loved ones with the finest quality of ingredients with natural red color. Spoil your guests with the noble and refined taste of Red Velvet Cake, and take your celebration to heights by ordering it from French Bread India. 

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The white vanilla flavored cream and the elegant red layers of cake are the eye stealers. The tart vanilla cream swirled with the smooth cake is alluring in its own way. This cake will make you land on the world of fond memories every time you taste it. The new whipped cream of red velvet flavor is a heavenly treat to the taste buds and we call the Red Velvet cake “The Queen of Cakes”. French Bread India is the best online portal for ordering cakes in your city.

Deluxe Red Velvet Cake
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