Bomb Cake


One of the world’s trendiest cakes, the bomb cake attracts cake lovers with its name. The surprise factor of lighting a bomb makes the moment unforgettable. What’s more, when the wick is burning and the bomb shell open, there is room inside for the cake to be sliced ​​and served to guests. 700 gram flavoured cake can be placed in a bomb shell. You can choose a flavour from the list. The Shell of the Bomb Cake is made of plastic and is not edible. If you need to customize your cake you can contact us via email or WhatsApp and this is possible with an additional fee.

Bomb Shell can be returned to us and you will receive a refund within 2 working days after the shell is returned to us in good condition within 2 days.  There is no harm caused to the surrounding by lighting this Bomb Cake.  This bomb cake makes no sound when it glows or opens up. Celebrate the moment with a bomb cake specially made by us for you!

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Bomb Cake
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